Welcome to Untamed Tactics, where strategy meets wilderness! Dive into vivid fauna, as you journey through tales of honor, and colorful adventures…or it’s just a false recollection of memory. Fight, converse, and strategize in beautifully illustrated RPG! The Wilds await!

Captivating story
Embark on this extraordinary expedition alongside Greycoat, and be captivated by a captivating cast of colorful animal characters, ready to become your steadfast friends or fearsome foes. Aid Greycoat in reclaiming his lost honor, confront the myriad threats lurking in the untamed Wilds, and carve out your place in this peculiar new world. Adventure awaits — will you seize it with unwavering determination?
Reach strategic RPG
Discover an array of diverse strategies, intricate ability combinations, and captivating character builds. With ever-changing battle maps and thrilling events offering bountiful rewards and challenges, coupled with streamlined game mechanics accommodating players of all skill levels, theres endless excitement to be found within this wild fray! Harness the power of abilities and masterful positioning to secure victory.
Vivacious world
Immerse yourself in a dazzling tapestry of hand-drawn, vivid 2D graphics, breathing life into the wondrous world of Untamed Tactics. Encounter a delightful array of anthropomorphic animal allies and adversaries, each brimming with their own unique charm and allure. Unleash the Parley feature, allowing you to interact with enemies in extraordinary ways during combat. Unleash special effects that can tip the scales of the battlefield and watch as your adversaries tremble with fear!
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